Wednesday, 23 October 2013

The Real Promotion in the Mattress Industry. *while stock last!

Dear everybody,

This is it. It is November in a few more days.

The whole world is going crazy for promotions.

But are their promotions genuine? are their promotional items good?

Let me tell you my definition of a true promotion...

My definition that a PROMOTION should ROCK the industry.

At least... create a small impact :P

Lets not say much...


High Quality Mattress + Storage bed frame combo (Queen Size Only)
30 sets ONLY

This is the KING ZONE Individual Pocketed Spring mattress with Pillow Top.
Firmness rating based on my opinion is 8/10
Queen Size - $799

Good space saving option The Storage Bed
Queen Size - $650

Nice Looking Headboard design ;)

*Do note that there are mattresses that are just $199, so for around $849 I can do the bundle.
There is a reason why I do not use that as a promotion, because I believe in Quality products for my consumers. But if you insist, I can still do the regular mattress deal to you.
My prices are nett, no nonsense, no additional, no hidden charges, just a friendly genuine sale for you and your family.


Tilam King supplier's have also celebrated our success and wish to say a great thank you to our consumers whom have supported Tilam King.

Purchase with purchase - Single & Super Single - $150, Queen & King - $200
3 Colours to choose from - Black, Darkbrown, Beige.

Feel free to inspect the quality. We dare anyone to rival us on Quality and of cause the most important Price point. 
*Do remember to compare logically, you will understand that Tilam King is genuine.


Stocks must clear before new ones arrive Mid Nov!

Everything is while stock last!

I wish to add, "not everyone is trying to make a fool out of other people.
Being genuine is difficult, requires a hell lot of effort, because people by nature already sick and tired of what the market is trying to do.
Tilam King admits that we are not the cheapest, but we are damn sure that we are the ones of the highest value. 

I bet my life on this statement."

The Perfection of Passionate Manufacturing
- Tilam King

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