Monday, 21 October 2013

This is the last Quarter of the year, what has Tilam King accomplished so far...

Dear Supporters and friends,

Thank you so much for letting Tilam King grow.

We promise to be the BEST and ONLY consumer centric company alive in Singapore.

We clearly have translated our Vision and Mission into action.

Our Vision:
To allow all Singaporeans afford really good QUALITY mattresses at the best VALUE!

Our Mission:
To let our consumers CLEARLY understand what mattress is all about and how it is made, so they can have a better knowledge for their mattress selection.

We believe we have educated our consumers enough to know what's happening in this industry.

We believe now our consumers, or not, understand about mattresses more after visiting us.

We also need to emphasize that we are logical builders when it comes to manufacturing.

We build mattresses with the intention of letting people to sleep on it, ie, for human beings. We do not build or make anything that it is not suitable for human consumption, ie, price war products.

We believe in giving people the best they possibly can get for the least amount of money, hence creating the greatest value anyone can get.

All these are words.

Every company can do the same by typing it out.

Let our products do the talking.

Our TK Series By Tilam King, have been very popular and well accepted.

We translated our vision and mission into our actions, and now the action is transformed into our product.

Feel it.

You will know what we meant.

Ladies and Gentleman, TK Series By Tilam King...



The refinements of the word Luxury depicts elegance and pure comfort. Only the best components have been used for this mattress, natural latex, individual pocketed springs and the highest quality fabrics are specially chosen for the TK Luxury Series.
The core component is Latex. The feel of it is bouncy but yet supportive.

We do not believe in making mattresses that are so soft, when you lay down your body will curve, hence no support.



TK PREMIERE SERIES, makes use of probably the best memory foam available in the market. The combination of highest quality components make it so that it has a unique character, different from other kinds of mattresses which contain memory foam mattress.
The core component is Memory Foam, it is bouncy unlike it's competition. We create a whole new sigma for Memory Foam mattresses.
The status quo of Memory Foam mattress is soft is broken by us. We have rewritten the new definition of Memory Foam mattresses.

Yet... to be reveled...

TK DELUXE SERIES, targeted at the those whom understands most about what they want, whom prefers simplistic approach to things. Enjoys the simple things in life.
I meant simple elegance...
Introducing the TK DELUXE SERIES, the simplest of all, yet good enough.
The core components are high quality foam, which are very unique because most high end hotels are using this specifications.
Who say foam mattresses are cheap? There are good and high quality foams around that provide high quality comfort. We dare to go against the odds to make something very special.


We have completed our objective to complete the TK Series By Tilam King by the end of 2013.

We believe by putting in our heart and souls in each and every product, people can really feel our effort.

We truly believe that our products are good symbols of our expertise and ability to make great mattresses to our consumers giving them awesome value!

We thank everyone that have given us faith, and all the encouragements to let us continue doing what we love doing most, that is to make and construct great mattresses for everyone giving them good value!

The Perfection of Passionate Manufacturing
- Tilam King

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