Monday, 2 December 2013

CHRISTMAS is around the corner, what does this mean for you?

Dear Supporters and friends,

what does it mean to you?

Some is the celebration of the year! Some is about love, and some is about family...

To Tilam King,

Christmas is about making people happy.

Recently we have made a few old folks happy with our Single beds that are really comfy. We wish that they can have good night's rest every time all the time!

Now what do we have for our fellow supporters, and fellow Singaporeans...

This is a BodyHug, this is a full size "bolster" that is 1.5m long.

It comes with a super duper high quality BodyHug case, the emphasis is on the case, because that is what Tilam King is doing next.

We are interested to go into the linen business, because too many people are literally lost and do not know how to pick a usable set of linens.

Nonprofessionals will deem thread count as the factor of quality hence more expensive.

I beg to differ. It is actually the material used, not the thread count.

We will make affordable linens that are usable, not those $8.99 like those in GIANT Supermarket, or Pushcart sale items. ( To me, those are ****. Waste of good money )

PROPER USABLE Linens which are high quality at an affordable rate.


Tilam King Current Promo

Currently we still have a few LA stuff to clear.

LA ELITE - Majesty
Queen Size  ONLY!

TK Series Luxury Mattresses

 TK Luxury Series, TK Premiere Series, TK Deluxe Series

For a limited period of time, All Sizes comes with a simple designed frame!

We have awesome selection of Pillows & Bedframes to go along with your purchase.

Right now we have TONS of freebies! that are all HIGH QUALITY giveaways!

1. Choice of Pillows
2. High quality fitted 100% cotton Mattress Protector
3. BodyHug (with purchase above $1,000)
4. Frame (selected models)

All the freebies are Genuine, high quality, Zero Compromises.

There is this saying, "Judging by the gifts someone give, you can see their character."

Come down to take a look ;)

See our products, feel our passion, let our products inspire the concept of excellence, let our products be the standard of a high quality mattress at an affordable price.

The Perfection of Passionate Manufacturing
- Tilam King

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