Monday, 30 December 2013

2013 is almost over, lets wrap up and see what have we done in 2013.

Dear friends & supporters,

In the year 2013, Tilam King's progress is great. With customers turned friends, the idea of Tilam King's concept is getting more accepting and that Singaporeans actually can learn how to compare and know the difference themselves.
The understanding of manufacturing is shared to each and every one consumers. Whether they buy or not. Tilam King will constantly share our secrets with our consumers.

Our Vision
To allow Singaporeans afford really good quality mattresses at the best value!

Our Mission
To let our consumers CLEARLY understand what mattress is all about and how it is made, so they can have a better knowledge for their mattress selection.


The grey time is over for mattress, components are suppose to represent the mattress, not the brands.

We had practice what others can only envy but cannot apply, which is we seriously work without advertisement. Overheads from advertisement is seriously hard to cover.

We also are truthful with unveiling all the marketing jargons in the industry.

Reason for that is, Tilam King do not need gimmicks, our products sell just the way it is.

If you ever wondered, what is so special about our mattress?

We are proud that we have nothing special for you. We just have Mattresses.

No, it will not fly. (confirm plus chop cannot fly)
No, it will not be cooler. (because our mattress cannot make you "freeze" like others)
No, it will not be nicely presented. (we believe substance over marketing)
No, we are not particular about how the way talk about our mattress. (it sells for itself)

No, our mattress have no technology.

We just simply put the best components together.



What we had achieved in year 2013.

We have accomplished to be Singapore's very first proper Luxury Mattress Brand, TK Series. (compete global brands, not ASEAN brands)

We have accomplished to be Singapore's very own small retail outlet that relies purely on social media and word of mouth. ZERO traditional media.

We value what our clients have to say about us more then what we think we are.

We hope to make the mattress industry more transparent.

We have sealed our very first boutique hotel contract, nothing big just 40 rooms. (ETA March 2014)

We have started a whole new concept on Pillow Marketing.

We are the 2nd company in Singapore to produce Pocketed Spring Pillows.

We have 3,166 LIKES on Facebook and counting.

We have <125,000 VIEWS on our and counting.

"mattress singapore" search we are on the 1st page on Google.

"which mattress to buy in singapore" search we are number 1 on Google.

"mattress sale in singapore" search we are on the 1st page on Google.

Most searches related to mattresses in singapore we are on the 1st page on Google.

Above are not paid ads, they are content driven.

We are the first company to do PRE-ORDER for mattress, accepting full payment without even having any display for client viewing or trying pleasure.


We will have many new concepts and ideas coming up with the deal with the hotel and many many more!

So long as it is about mattress and bedding accessories, we make sure we stand on our consumer stand point to help you.

We are trying very hard to please everyone.

But the truth is, we cannot.

The thing is we will do our very best, we are just human, we also sometimes make mistakes, we aren't perfect.

From Soft to Firm Mattresses
From Budget to Premium Mattresses

We have solutions for you and your family!

Good bye 2013, Hello 2014! Happy New Year everybody!

The Perfection of Passionate Manufacturing
- Tilam King

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