Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Dear Santa... Tilam King will be open during Christmas, 12pm - 7pm.

Dear SantaClaus...

I remembered clearly that since I was a little kid, I was told...

Be nice and be rewarded,

work hard and be rewarded,

love and be loved,

share and be shared back.

These are beautiful moments in life where it all just starts from just one nice soul.


In Tilam King, we believe truely in caring and sharing.

Some people find it hard to understand the approach, because the style of operation is too different from what normal businesses operates.

It is now the last few moments of 2013.

Tilam King have emerge from a concept to reality. From a place where people do not know, to became the BEST alternative solution for your bedding needs.

We only wish to thank the supporters that actually patron us, and help us spread the love unconditionally.

During Christmas moments and the last of 2013,

We wish to let people be happier shopping for mattresses.

We wish people can be reminded that Tilam King actually cares.

Tilam King will most definitely be a recognized alternative in Singapore and hopefully JB and some say Batam. ;)

Slowly we will, but surely we will improve.


We wish to remind you guys know that to celebrate Christmas, is about caring and sharing.

If you are passionate like us to care and share about your mattress purchase.

Even that you bought your Mattress before, so long as it is purchase of my TK Series...




If you could spread and share your purchase in any social media format, we will give you our Limited Edition BodyHug with a case ABSOLUTELY FREE!
You know we mean it ;)

Also for the entire Christmas and until end of 2013,

We will have awesome freebies to come along with the purchase of the mattress.
These freebies are made with Passion
We want you to have better, so you could use the better.

Pillow Menu
1. Silk Fibre Pillow / Synthetic alternative to Down pillows
2. Memory Foam with breathable holes (Uniquely awesome)
3. Healthy Pillow / Negative Ion Pillow 

Mattress Protector
Fitted kind (Not the rubber straps kind) 100% cotton

Full length Body Pillow, 1.5 meters Height 
Super Premium Quality as seen in 5 stars Hotel Linen Case


From soft to firm mattress
From budget to premium mattress

We have a solution for you!

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

The Perfection of Passionate Manufacturing
- Tilam King 

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