Tuesday, 11 September 2012

TILAM KING what are we made of?

You know what is the beauty of TILAM KING?

We treat everyone like our friends, we respect everyone's decision. We will never push you to buy something you do not need. Basically, we care about you.

Of cause I do not wish to sound to heavenly, I believe in Karma.

I'll do you good, you'll remember me, and that matters.

TILAM KING virtue is good karma.

1. We safe on advertising so I can give you good prices. (please do not tell me people place full page ads can sell you cheaper then me, that's impossible.)

2. I will personally serve you. As a professional in this industry since birth. I have been in touch with mattresses, this is my blood, this is my life. I have the knowledge that only others wish to have and will never have, because they do not have the hands on advantage like I do. 
We hand pick materials, manufacture, built inventory and sell in our own sales channel. 
(Do be patient with me, if you want more 1on1 time with me please come during weekdays)

3. We practice consumers needs and eliminate wants. Even though you can afford it, we feel that it is our duty to tell you what are you spending on, and why is it so expensive compared to others. We feel responsible about your sleep. We hope you can get the most out of your money.

4. We are very traditional and believes strongly in referrals, so you will know that we are not interested in 1 off sales. We hope to build a relationship with you so TILAM KING can service all your Mattress&Bedding needs. You will not need to worry about our reputation. My goal is not to have the best sales(Money isn't everything), my GOAL is to achieve 100% satisfaction and make customers refer for us. I as a person, only believe in win-win situations.

Kinds of service we do-:

OEM/ODM Services.

We are a Private Company with a SGD$100,000/- start up capital. UEN: 200920393W
We hope to achieve more OEM services for BRANDS. 
We are planning to launch investment product really soon. (Sorry not open to public)
Several Projects we are currently doing is with Ngee Ann Polytechnic - "Sleep Product Test Centre". 
(Est. December 2012)
We are looking into advertising projects. (Awaiting Spring Singapore approval.)

For OEM services or anything Mattress related please contact-: 
Tony Tan 
+65 93881170 / +65 8360 0808

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