Saturday, 22 September 2012

ST- Money- C7- 22 SEPT- Current PROMOTION, OMG it is back!

The Ultimate Pocketed Spring Mattress that anyone can own.

This is a product that I am very proud of.

This Mattress suits the general Singaporean.
- Superb Price Point
- Quality is way better then most brands out there
- This mattress is built to be slim so that everyone can enjoy the promotion Bed Linens in Singapore
- Breathable fabric all around the sides to let the mattress breathe better and be cool to sleep on
- Currently 100% positive feedback with high referral rates for this particular model
- Height measures positive FENGSHUI for those whom believes in FENGSHUI

Again, I would like to repeat, I am very proud of this product because this is specially thought of 
for Singaporeans by Singaporean.

Probably the most realistic mattress promotion ever in Singapore, if not the world.

I believe with my passionate approach, I will get great encouragement and support from everyone.

Please feel free to drop by to take a look.

I have restock this particular model, it was selling very well.

There are other models as well.

LADY AMERICANA MILLIONAIRE - KING SIZE - $4,909 $2,111 (Epitome of L.A.)

LADY AMERICANA ELITE HEIRESS - QUEEN SIZE - $1,799 $1,199 (36cm HT Lux Matt)

LADY AMERICANA VISCOTEX - QUEEN SIZE - $1,599 $899 (Memory Foam Mattress)


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