Saturday 15 December 2012

HO HO HO~~ Christmas Special NOW ON! EXTRA FREEBIES to be given with purchase!

Dear Singapore!!

It is the time of the year again, when everyone looks forward to...

with all the festivity going on...

TILAM KING has our own special as well.

Because it is Christmas! *Remember TILAM KING likes to give something special to someone that is useful. If it is not useful, then why bother? ;) We are just thoughtful like that.

*Hint* The item will make one sleep better and feel better.

So it is inline with our product line range as it is complimentary towards a better sleep!


Several notes on our stocks.

Our Singaporean Pocketed Spring Mattress $399 have been a instant hit among Singaporeans! Hence we are super low in stock.

Alot of our True 5-Zone Mattresses stocks are running low as well. Thanks to everyone whom supported us all the way! THANKS~

In our showroom came a few awesome model from Lady Americana, all very lovely and the price is ridiculously low!
Chanity - Latex Pillow Top3", total mattress HT 36cm

use to sell for $2,699
*yes we are that ridiculous with our pricing!

Because I am Genuine, that's why I need good support.

Please comedown to take a look.

We are probably the most genuine Mattress Manufacturer alive.

Remember, we ain't sales people, we are people who loves mattresses. ;)


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