Monday, 17 December 2012

Thanks for blogging about TILAM KING Rina! Congrats to Rina&Rizal on setting the big date sometime in March 2013!

Like I've said, TILAM KING as a business is really a dream come true...
I get the chance to meet up with a lots of newly weds.
Rina was my sec school mate ;) so she came and support me ;D
They told me a lot of the situation in Singapore's furniture industry. HAHA seriously disgusting.
I dare to say because I do not practice bad practices.
( I make this claim as a business owner, not a sales person, because in TILAM KING the business owner will attend to you, hence he will not do anything to make his company look bad. Therefore I deem my statement true and fully responsible. )
What I've learnt from newly weds is:
1. They have spent a lot of money
2. They need a new mattress that is of good quality, but not bank robbing.
3. They have to buy a lot of other things, so they do not need trouble.
4. Most of them do not know anything about Mattresses, hence they hope to find an honest person to help them with the selection.
In TILAM KING we sell what you need and not what you want.
We're probably the most genuine and real vendor left in Singapore.
Special thanks to Rina&Rizal for blogging about us. Means the world to me!
Thanks and many blissful moments to come!
and I'm sure that you'll enjoy the Mattress coming in March 2013 :)


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