Monday, 24 December 2012

TILAM KING - Key Message for 2013. Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!

Dear Singapore!

I'm Tony Tan, and I grew up in the mattress industry. From Springs, to fabrics, to foams, to latex or memory foam, they are to me materials for my masterpieces. I started TILAM KING in June 2012 and have been operating it for less then 6 months now, I've enjoyed every moment...

Although my journey is very tough, there were lots of disappointing moments, lots of challenging issues that need to settle be it inventory and handling suppliers, and long working hours Every Single Day.

But I think back, it's all worth it...

I have met countless number of newly Weds, saw all of them smiling and appreciating my effort in making quality mattresses and assisting them in selecting their mattress that will follow them for the next decade.

I really love the things I do at work. I get to trash all sorts of marketing gimmicks that big brands use to confuse the consumers, its fun. haha.
Do note that I trash them because I have deep knowledge of mattress construction.
But the kind of satisfaction that I enjoy is that I can share with my consumers my knowledge so they can understand what mattress is all about, and really only to pick what they need rather then what they want.

I also really appreciate that some of my customers are the sweetest among all... They are so nice... I'm probably really lucky, as in really blessed with great people around me!
A lot of them help to promote and share with their friends about their purchase. Unbelievable. Thank you all for that! TILAM KING really appreciates all this kind of support!

To size up this year, I guess is a really remarkable journey. I made lots of new friends, I founded a new company, attended many functions, and have loads of unforgettable moments. I really feel that 2012 has been really awesome to me.

2013, the coming of the new year... Whats next...?

My blog have close to 20,000 views and my Facebook have over 1,000 Likes. My next step is to continue improving my Company's Image and build more flexibility in my company.

I will be doing a Corporate Video Shot featuring my factory and visit to some of my key suppliers. So my consumers can know first hand how I do my mattress and whether is it worth it.

I will then follow up with new innovate ways to do more videos.

A new Web Page with the option to purchase online is also an option that I am bringing in the year 2013.
I strongly agree that my mattress have more then enough supporters to vouch for my built quality, hence this could be a very convenient option for consumers to make their purchase.

TILAM KING will also continue to provide great professional advice, and offer the Best Valued Best Quality Mattresses anyone can buy.
*note, TILAM KING sells mattress only for humans, not some low quality stuff that you will not dare to lay down on.

With this I would like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone, whom have supported TILAM KING, you guys know who you are!
Merry Christmas and A Blissful Happy New Year to everyone!

*on the 25th Dec 2012 & 1st Jan 2013 TILAM KING will be closed. Will resume on 26th and 2nd respectively.

Tony Tan
Founder, Managing Director

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