Thursday, 8 August 2013

Happy birthday Singapore! I have enjoyed 28 years out of your 48!

Dear Singapore,

Thanks for being so safe for my family and I.
Thanks for giving us a peaceful nation where my family and I can rest soundly without worrying.
Thanks for keeping food prices low so my family and I can enjoy my favorite chicken rice for only $3.
Thanks for keeping the subways and public transport affordable, I use them a lot so the cost doesn't make me stress over whether should I go out or not.
Thanks for allowing us to serve fellow Singaporeans in the Mattress Industry, there is so much love and support and concern given to me each and every day. 
I thank you deeply and really respect you.

Happy 48th Birthday Singapore!!!

- Tilam King


I think being Singaporean is really privileged. I frequent to Guangzhou China very often for business because my factory is there, being Singaporean is really a brand.
Many people think that we are:
1. honest
2. educated
3. civilized
4. generally nice

I feel happy when I hear this all the time ;)

The truth is, there is no other side for Singapore, it is one of , I MEAN THE BEST.

No place is as safe.
No place is as empathetic.
Even Singapore crimes are not as scary as compared to overseas.
We are as fun as a nation.
We are as good as the upper class segment.
We are the BEST in the lower class segment.
We are also the BEST in the middle class segment.
There is everything for each and every Singaporean.

People live a REAL rat race else where, where as in Singapore so long as you compromise a little, all is well.

There is no perfect place, but the closest is Singapore.


Just so you guys know, many of you guys are asking me for PROMOTIONS.
*actually I do not have to do promotions, because my price point and quality are far superior to anyone already.
But JUST BECAUSE it is Singapore's birthday,

so here goes.


There will be 48 pieces of 
going at only $148/pair. (each @ $74)
regular price is $100/pc.


48 pieces of
going at only $39/pc
regular price is $60/pc


48 pieces of 
going at $29/pc
regular is $60.


Lady Americana Mattress are all on sale! most of them are already more then 48% off. :P

*While stock last! Limited sizes available. 


Tilam King's very own Luxury mattresses.

It will blow your mind. 
We have to, we are simply the best in mattresses in Singapore :P

*wahaha, the in Singapore you never see before leh... ;P


This is my pride, this is my logo, this is my country, this is my passion.

Everything you need to know about Tilam King is in the logo.

The Perfection of Passionate Mattress Manufacturing
- Tilam King

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