Sunday, 4 August 2013

TK PREMIERE SERIES - The Ultimate Memory Foam Experience... Sneak Preview

Dear Fellow Singaporeans,

Sorry for my down time, 1th - 4th Aug. 

BUT! It is worth it!

I have created another masterpiece utilizing Memory Foam.

Trust me, it sounds SIMPLE...

IT FEELS SO DARN AWESOMELY AWESOME X 1,000,000,000,000 to the infinity.

Here are some glimpse of the making...

Handpicked one of the best Memory Foam available 

The Experts in Mattresses

Aligning all the materials together for a test sample

We added something super unique ;) 

This fabric is just for sample purposes only, the outcome will not look like this

Making sure everything is in order and in the right size

Discussion on how to further improve the sample

Time to lay it out nicely, and test!

No way better to test other then to test it yourself! 

OMG, I found the "feel" of awesomeness!

MY GAWD... feels superb! 

I am not trying to be cocky here, but please... BRING IT ON...

I think sooner or later brands will lose its competitiveness just because we produce such awesome mattresses for everyone.

It is ridiculous that people are still paying 2k to buy something so simple and honestly SUBStandard!

Well I have the upper hand because I can have access to EVERY MATERIAL IN THE WORLD, there is nothing I cannot produce in terms of mattress, it's just whether I want to or not...

Tilam King is a factory, 
Tilam King is not new in mattress industry, 
we are just thrifty on our marketing efforts...


To me, the best marketing is in each and every mattress I produce, when people bring it home, they know deep down inside there is awesomeness in what they are sleeping on.

The Perfection of Passionate Manufacturing
- Tilam King

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