Thursday, 15 August 2013

Let me refresh on why Tilam King is worth your time.

Dear Fellow Singaporeans and friends,

Tilam King have stopped advertising on traditional media. WHOOHOO~!

It is definitely not cheap to advertise in the traditional media.

But I did my own homework, and my own survey, my clienteles are not from newspaper advertisements.

People whom are still reading the papers mostly are not my clients;

Reason being:

1. most of them have age, and they are not accepting new ideas and ways to judge new companies. To them more expensive = better.
2. because they are of senior age, at least to me, they feel that they know more, even though they know nothing about mattresses. 
3. most of the people are super funny, they try to hunt cheap and good things in the papers. (HELLO, WAKE UP, THEY PAY THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS AND YOU THINK IT IS CHEAP?) lol.

Let me conclude,

These group of people in fact are always spending more money then they need too because they end up purchasing COMFORT, and not product.

Those that end up trying their best to search for the best bargain end up very frustrated because most furniture companies normally do not honor the deals they advertise, for eg, they put one very small * and write, 1 piece only or display set only, etc.

BRANDS says that a mattress is an asset.

TILAM KING says that a mattress is a consumable product.

It is meant to be used, and thrown away after 10 years irregardless of it's condition.

A mattress is a 300 over year old product, your great grand father sleeps on mattress, your grand father sleeps on mattress, your father sleeps on mattress and you too sleep on mattress.
You do not need Einstein to make a mattress, Tilam King can!

A mattress will not spoil without constant abuse; ie jumping or bending the mattress.

The only thing that we cannot change which is a fact is, the mattress is the most dirtiest part of the bedroom and in fact the house.

You wash your rubbish bins but do not wash your mattress.

It is only hygienic to change your mattress every 10 years, and this advise is good for you.

Brands because they wish to be UP there a little, so they say, 25 years, LIFE TIME WARRANTY, etc...

Please all this are BS, and these companies DO NOT GIVE A FLYING F about your life.

I do, so stick to 10 years.


The matter of a fact is Tilam King is a manufacturer.

Manufacturer have loads of pride with the products he/she produces. We will do everything right for the product we produce. Technically manufacturers are very logical in thinking.

If you do not like my stuff, I will never force you to buy, because I know I did my best in the product and someone will appreciate.

Life goes on.

We help our clients get the very best stuff available in the planet to sleep on, without breaking their bank.

I think to me that is a very honorable thing to do in human life, because I believe in karma.


Long saying short. We strive our best to give you what you only need.

To us, everyone deserves a luxury mattress, BECAUSE IT IS REALLY COMFORTABLE!

We make sure that you get the best mattress for your money.

We know how to be savvy because we are savvy as you are!

The Perfection of Passionate Manufacturing
- Tilam King

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